Lakewood Cheder Fourth Grade


*Note: There may be additional supplies that are not included in this package but are required by your school. Some are available for additional purchase in the add-on section. Scroll to the bottom of this page for more details about this box.


Important Notes

These items are not included in your bundle, but are required by your school. As we do not offer them for purchase, we ask that you please come up with them on your own.

  • Siddur
  • Chumash Shemos

Please note this list may not be complete. You will receive a note from your son’s Rebbe once school begins, regarding any additional supplies needed. Please label all supplies. Supplies and all items that are not labeled will be considered הפקר if found.

All used Sefarim must be in good condition, and must be the uniform type used by the rest of the class. If your son does not have his siddur or chumash from last year, or if they are no longer in good condition, the following are available for purchase at the school office when school begins:

  • Siddur Tefila Berura: $11.00, bound: $16.00
  • Chumash Shemos (fourth grade): $7.00, bound: $12.00

Please send exact change, or a check made out to the Cheder.

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