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Nachlei Torah Third Grade


Sharpened No. 2 Pencil × 18

Marble Composition Notebook 100 Pg. Wide Ruled

3 Subject Spiral Notebook, Wide Ruled, Plastic Cover × 2

Elmer's® All Purpose School Glue Stick, Washable .24 oz.

Fiskars® Blunt-Tip 5" Kids Scissors


2-Pocket Plastic Folder

Reinforced Looseleaf Paper Wide Ruled

BIC® Round Stic® Ballpoint Pen Black × 3

Crayola® Crayons, Assorted Colors, Pack Of 24 Crayons

Crayola® Broad Line Markers 10 Pk

BIC® Round Stic® Ballpoint Pen Red

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Important Notes

These items are not included in your bundle, but are required by your school. As we do not offer them for purchase, we ask that you please come up with them on your own.

  • חמשה חומשי תורה Blue Artscroll with רש״י (Hebrew only) LARGEST OF THE 3 SIZES 
  • נביא will be supplied by the Yeshiva (with a small fee)
  • סידור תפילה ברורה אשכנז

Please note: All seforim can be purchased at Torah Treasures with their assistance.

Please label each pencil clearly.